PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper Review

If your biggest pet peeve is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes during BBQ season, its high time to plan ahead.

Traditionally bug zappers are designed so bugs can fly to their doom from 360 degrees. Yes, it’s extremely effective, but with some backyard setups, it can draw more attention than you’d like. The sizzle of another annoying bug getting fried is satisfying, but let’s not make it the focal point at your luau, okay?

That’s where the PestZilla comes in. It rests against a flat surface so you can find the perfect spot so it’s out of the way while still attracting bugs away from you and your guests. You might hang it from the side of your deck or against the garage. What really sets it apart is it’s a free-standing device so setting it up just when you need it on the floor or patio stone are viable options. Whatever you choose, the logistics of finding a place for it is easier than with other designs.

The PestZilla provides protection from all kinds of flies and insects within an area of up to 6,000 sq. ft. This makes it good for smaller back yards in the city, however this specification isn’t as “robust” as market leader Flowtron. 6,000 sq. ft. works out to be over 1/8 acre. By comparison the entry-level zapper by Flowtron that costs about the same (BK-15D), covers an area of 1/2 acre.

While coverage may not be its forte the unit’s housing lives up PestZilla’s claim of being robust. The metal grill is noticeably beefier than most other zappers. And it’s well engineered too. The tray at the bottom catches dead pests and makes cleaning a painless task.

The manufacturer states that it’s for indoor use. And may be used outdoors in dry areas, such as under a roof. The unit is 20 watts which powers two blue UV bulbs.

The Verdict

The PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper can be thought of as a form-factor zapper, or a good auxiliary device for covering strategic areas along with other zappers. The ability to place it on the ground when you need it is great for people that don’t see a reason to expose it to the elements more than necessary, which makes even more sense if your bug zapping needs are occasional.

If you don’t plan to set it on the floor and mounting against a flat surface isn’t necessary, there are better options. At this price point the Flowtron BK-15D is tough to beat for it’s superior coverage spec of 1/2 acre.