The 5 Best Indoor Bug Zappers

Although any electric insect killer works inside the home, some models excel at it. Only a small percentage are specifically designed for use indoors.

Traditionally bug zappers protect large outdoor areas from insects, and are often overkill indoors. They look cartoonishly large in many spaces. Smaller, less expensive zappers are typically a better fit.

Indoor bug zappers are still a niche offering. The selection is expanding but there’s a lack of reliable brands in the category. For this reason, some will be better served by using an outdoor zapper that’s known to last, even indoors, particularly if they’re covering a large space.

That being said, let’s look at your best options.

1. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer [Amazon]

In a category where dubious brands are the norm, Flowtron is a family-owned business that has been around since 1920.

The BK-15D is Flowtron’s smallest, entry-level bug zapper and yet it still manages to cover 1/2 acre which is way beyond what most bug zappers can do for a similar price. If you want a versatile zapper that you can use both inside the house and in the yard, this could be the only one you need.

2. Aspectek Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper [Amazon]

You’ll come across flat-panel electric insect killers that have super-similar looks and many different names. They’re branded as Aspectek, Hoont, Liba, and more.

All are 20 watts, have two blue UV lights inside, and cover 6,000 sq. ft. These sit against the wall and can also be set on the floor or on a kitchen countertop, making it easy to find the right place for it that’s out of the way. It’s designed to be used indoors exclusively and doesn’t use chemicals.

3. Zap It Electric Indoor Bug Zapper [Amazon]

You’ve probably seen those yellow electric fly swatters. Zap It has built its reputation based on the popularity of its racket.

This is its take on the hangable indoor bug zapper design. And many people have been waiting for it, as previously only off-brand indoor bug zappers have been widely available.

It features a 2,800 Volt grid and two 18w bulbs that emit UV light to attract bugs. Its all-black appearance is sleeker than its competitors. The included bulbs tend to last longer than those included in similar zappers as well.

4. SereneLife Bug Zapper, Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Electric Pest Control [Amazon]

Its elegant, tulip-like design and slim dimensions make this a good indoor unit.

Operation is eco-friendly and chemical-free: the integrated UV light is enough to attract mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other pests. It covers an area of 500+ sq. ft. which is fine for small indoor spaces, but its outside applications are limited to protecting just a deck or gathering area.

5. Shootingstar Bug Zapper, Night Lamp [Amazon]

So, you need a nightlight and an indoor insect zapper. Why not kill two bugs with one light?

This is the only product listed here that is feasible for travel. Equally good in hotels, motorhomes, and campers. The blue case fits over a compact electric grid and at the very back there is a strip of tiny LED lights to attract gnats, flies, and mosquitoes. Great that the cord is eliminated plus you don’t need to find a way to mount it.


People are often surprised by how loud bug zappers are indoors. You’ll need a good spot for it where it can do its job without startling people.

You can use pretty much any zapper inside. It’ll be effective but indoor zappers are designed to be less intrusive in an indoor environment.

It’s important to remove any chemical lure before moving an outdoor bug zapper inside. Some higher-end bug zappers give you the option to use octenol which gives off an odor and is potentially harmful as it’s intended for outdoor use only. Most compact bug zappers are chemical-free however.

Photo: Tom