Flowtron BK-15D Bug Zapper Review

Flowtron is known for their large, powerful bug zappers that cover a larger area than the competition.

The BK-15D is their most affordable, humble offering for people that need to protect a half an acre from pests, not engage a mosquito armageddon to benefit neighbors. By comparison the BK-40D and BK-80D are a little larger and cover 1 acre and 1 ½ acre respectively.

It’s made with the same high build quality as its larger siblings. Top of the steel exterior acts like the pitched roof of a home: rain water safely drips down the edges far from the electrical grid and UV lamp inside.

The 15-watt black light bulb attracts mosquitos, flies, gnats and other flying pests. Octenol attractant can be used to pull in mosquitos more effectively. Adding lure turns a device that only needs electricity to operate into a zapper that may cost an estimated $2.50 to $5 per month depending on the climate. Hot weather means the attractant doesn’t last as long. But keep in mind, the BK-15D may serve you fine without lure.

Along with the bulb, the heart of a zapper is of course the electrical grid and these are designed not to clog. Bugs go where they should: the pan at the bottom. You’ll be cleaning this puppy often. The thoughtfulness of details in its design puts Flowtron in a league higher than most insect killer stuff you’ll see on Amazon.com.

It must be hung 25 feet away from you and your guests. You see, it’s so adept at attracting mosquitos you don’t want to place yourself along their path. So chances are hanging it from your rooftop won’t be a good idea. Ideally, get a tall metal rod to mount it to, so you have full control of placement. Then you’ll need to run a long, landscaping extension cord to it.

Flowtron is a recognized brand that’s been around for a long time; since 1920 to be exact. Another reason to go with Flowtron is the parts will be available for a very long time. This is another reason to be weary of competing Chinese products that all look suspiciously similar to each other, and are sold under various names. Not reassuring that when the UV lights goes, you’ll be able to find the right replacement when it’s a potentially fly-by-night operation.

The Verdict

It’s hard to find fault with the excellent BK-15D. Flowtron makes rock-solid zappers. The only baffling item is the price; it often sells for nearly the same as the larger BK-40D model but covers half the radius. It’s a little stockier, smaller and cuter than other Flowtron models in this series so for people with a small yard this is the one to get regardless.