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Throwing a backyard BBQ is what summer is all about. And to do it right, you need to get your outdoor pest-control game down.

Bug zappers are straightforward in function. They’re equipped with a UV light that attracts mosquitos, flies, and other flying insects. Once bugs enter the center of the device, they’re swiftly electrocuted.

Cheap, Unremarkable Bug Zappers Abound

mosquitoesIn a world full of difficult choices, it’s comforting to find clear winners every now and again.

There aren’t that many big players in electric bug killers out there. Flowtron, Koolatron, Stinger, Dynatrap and Westinghouse products make up the majority of the market.

Out of the bunch, Flowtron consistently makes zappers that get the best ratings in user reviews. Meanwhile, its strongest competitors are lucky to release a model that rises above mediocrity.

The problem with lesser zappers is consistent. Most of it doesn’t last.